Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

The job market is not kind. The economy is hurting. And social workers are heavily impacted. But work is not what defines us. While we are out looking for work, pursuing careers, and chasing dreams we need to stop. Yes, stop.

Every conversation I have had with my peers is about stress of work, politics, and struggles. We need to start enjoying everyday while accomplishing our goals. I understand that I may be speaking out of turn, but if we do not enjoy each day as it comes, then we will be years ahead and have no idea how we got there.

I propose a change of thought. Start by taking five minutes every day to just breathe, stretch, and walk around. More if you can. Call one person every day just to say "Hi". And talk to one person a week who you genuinely miss.

Why am I writing about this on a social work blog? Because if we do not take care of ourselves, then how on earth can we take care of our communities and each other?


  1. I know many of our classmates are still looking for jobs. I read about their interviews and wish them luck. Then it is heartbreaking to read in Facebook a couple days later that they did not get the job.

    After graduation, I went down to a restaurant in Stonington to celebrate with my brother and sister-in-law and our server saw the graduation card and asked who graduated. I said I did from UConn SSW and she that she graduated from the SSW two years ago.

  2. Yes, it is difficult. I am not negating that. But I still believe that there is something out there for everyone. The problem is that it may be in a different state, away from loved ones, slightly different than anticipated, or what have you. Some of our peers are declining job offers because of salary or location which does not mean that there was not a job offer to be had.

    I believe that there must be persistence and we all must support each other. We will all have jobs that we all love, it just might take some time.

    I know it is not that simple, but maybe, it is...