Thursday, July 24, 2014

Who is ALICE? Are you ALICE?

Sounds like a child’s book –right? 


ALICE is no child’s play.

ALICE is not a young lady I’d like to ask for a date, but rather the one I wish I never met. ALICE is not a pleasure to be with but rather a negative state of being.

ALICE is making the decision between which bills to pay, when to pay them, who to call for the favor, or what (small or large) sacrifice needs to be made during this paycheck to ensure there are enough funds to make it to the next.

Specifically: Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed.

In 2012 United Way of Northern New Jersey released the first ALICE report in partnership with Rutgers University, London School of Economic. On Labor Day, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut will be releasing the 2014 Connecticut Report.
 To read more about ALICE and attend the teaser to the ALICE Report release come to MetroHartford Alliance and United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut in on Fri., Aug. 1 for the Rising Star Breakfast: ALICE: A Long Way from Wonderland, which will feature a panel moderated by CNBC’s Ron Insana. 

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